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Very Pleasant to Deal With
"Just wanted to thank your shop for getting out my Corona Pipemaster quickly. You were a very pleasant company to deal with and I have passed your website link to my friends who smoke pipes! Thank you, Paul."

—Paul P. of La Jolla, CA


What Wonderful Tobacco
"I just received my order today and I could not be more pleased. I cannot believe how quickly the package arrived, and it was very well packed. I can't thank you enough. I jumped in to some of the [Milan custom-blended pipe tobacco] samples this afternoon, and oh my - what wonderful tobacco! I will definitely be ordering more soon, and telling all my friends about you. I'd also love to pay your store a visit in the near future as I am just about 3 hours south in Charlotte. I want to sample all your house tobaccos this year. Thank you again. I am so glad I recently learned about you."

—Walter H. of Charlotte, NC


Customer for Life
UPDATE: "I wrote a testimonial about Milan Tobacconists a while back and I am inclined to write another. I am so pleased with the friendly staff, their knowledge and the super-fast shipping. I know I have found a great place to purchase my pipes and tobacco, but I have also found true friends in Milan Tobacconists. Thank you all very much. Your friend, Frank."

"I'm soooo happy with the people and customer service I received from everyone at Milan Tobacconist!! Very good selection of pipes and tobacco. I recently purchased my first olive wood pipe and after a few months it developed a crack in the shank. I honestly thought it was ruined and I had to purchase a new one. I called to see if it would possibly be under warranty or something. Luther and Dave talked with me and listened to me. I just sent a few pictures to show the crack and I didn't even have to ask for a new pipe. Instead, they asked me if I wanted a new one and which one I wanted. Immediately, Luther and Dave pulled the pipe I wanted and I shipped the damaged pipe to Milan and, as promised, just a few minutes after they received my defective pipe, my new one was shipped to me. I only wish that other companies and businesses would follow the professional ethics the people at Milan Tobacconists have. Thank you all very much. I will be a faithful customer for life."

—Frank P. of Buena Vista, CO


The Absolute Best Customer Service
"The absolute best customer service. Letting you know I received my order within 2 days over the weekend. Very satisfied with my very high quality tobacco. Excellent blending and top of line tobacco. Will always order from you and refer others to do the same."

—Gerald R. of Goodyear, AZ


My Business Will Be With This Company
"I recently got back into pipe smoking and for a couple of months I was smoking [brand name] tobacco. It was decent, but the [brand name] had a harshness to it and I felt like something was missing from my smoke. I was online and discovered Milan and its aromatic section. I have a love of cherry tobacco, so I placed an order for Cherry Bon Bon [a Milan custom blend]. I received it within 3 days and it was the most delightfully mellow and sweet tobacco that has ever graced my pipe. The description of the product was absolutely perfect. A wonderful smell, a delightful flavour, an excellent slightly moist tobacco that is effortless to dry. My business will be with this company as long as I smoke."

—Lucas T. of Glenwood, AR


Thanks for the Great Service
"Thanks for the great service. I ordered one afternoon and my order was shipped the same day. Your Joe's Blend [a Milan custom blended English pipe tobacco] may be a new favorite. Thanks again!"

—Ed H. of Lynchburg, VA


Thank You for Providing a Good Smoke
"If my second order is as good as the first order, I will be very pleased. I heard about your company a couple of weeks ago while visiting the Stonewall Jackson home in Lexington, VA. I met one of your customers there who was smoking his pipe with your tobacco. I asked him where he got his and he told me about your company. I am 73 and have been smoking a pipe for 40 years. I like the aromatic tobacco. Yours [Milan Pipe Tobaccos] burns cooler and my wife loves the aroma. The four blends I have chosen don't bite and leave no harsh aftertaste. I like the different blends such as vanilla, chocolate, and the nutty finish in your tobacco and your prices are good. Thank you for providing a good smoke."

—Steve N. of Clark, TN


Moved to the Top of My List
"Just received my first order from Milan Tobacconists and I have to say that I was very impressed at the speed, quality, and personal attention to my order. They just moved to the top of my list for my tobacco purchases!"

—Brandon J. of Draper, UT


Such Care and Attention to Detail
"I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for doing what you do and doing it so well...with such care and attention to detail. I even got a call about an order after placing it as there were some questions due to a technical glitch beyond your control and I felt as though I was speaking with an old friend. Having placed a number of orders now, the quality and consistency of product and personnel are appreciated and never taken for granted. I know you know you're good, but sometimes it's just nice to hear it. Thanks again!"

—James H. of Somewhere, OH


A Treasure
"I have been a longtime Milan customer, and I just wanted to say that the quality of your tobacco leaf is always excellent, the blends by Renee and David Meyer are truly masterful, and your customer service is always exceptional. The House of Milan is a treasure among pipe tobacco aficionados!"

—Dr. Joseph M. of Huntsville, TX


Amazing Customer Service
"AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE. I absolutely love my new Nording Signature Rustic pipe and some of your English style blends. Happy to have found you on the internet. This was my first order with Milan Tobacconists. I was able to enjoy the pipe and tobacco on my patio in Edmond, OK, within five days after placing the order. There will be more orders in the future."

—Jerry S. of Edmond, OK


Happy Hour with Milan's Best
"Thanks for filling and sending off my latest order so promptly. You folks understand that when a fellow needs his tobacco, he doesn't need it next week! I'm a great fan of your aromatic blends and intend to try them all; I look forward all day to my happy hour glass of whiskey and my daily pipe of Milan's best. Best regards to all at Milan, and stay safe, Carleton."

—Carleton K. of Boynton Beach, FL


Service, Pricing, Everything Has Been Fantastic
"Just recently purchased a lighter, beautiful Nording Freehand for my wife, and a few various blends to try. Service, pricing, everything has been fantastic! After a 35-year hiatus from pipes, now getting back into them and have been trying LOTS of various blends... So far, Milan's Irresistable Chocolate [pipe tobacco] has been the best! The description was RIGHT ON. GREAT smoke and a great price! As soon as we finish up all these others, will order a pound and always keep it around. Great job guys!"

—Michael C. of Fruitland, ID


A Gem More Lustrous Than the Others
"Milan Tobacconists is a gem more lustrous than the others. Their professional staff are quick to reply to inquiries. Their pipe cleaning services are affordable and thorough. Their customer service attends to every detail -- thorough communications, outstanding packaging, rapid turnaround times, even knowing the perfect selection from their proprietary tobaccos to include as a gift to their new clients! Who does that? Milan Tobacconists does that! They will get my business every time."

—Father Paul Joseph L. of Peoria, IL


Everyone Gets the Same Treatment
"I just want to thank David and Renee for a great event last week. Also, for the kindness and knowledge that you pass along. It doesn't matter if you buy 1 cigar every now and then or a box daily, everyone gets the same treatment when in your store."

—Ray J. of Roanoke, VA


My Favorite Tobacco Shop
"Thank you so much for being a large part of the happiness I derive from my leisure time. Your blends go with me whilst fishing, putzing around the backyard, etc... Best wishes to the Meyers and other staff there at my favorite tobacco shop."

—David D. of Dallas, TX


Milan is the Gold Standard
"I am in Pittsburgh, PA, on business and when I am visiting other cities I like to check out other tobacconists and see their shops. I visited one last night here in Pittsburgh that had high reviews according to Google. I must say I was sorely disappointed and that actually has been the case with every other shop I have visited over the last year in other places. I chalk that up to the fact that Milan Tobacconist is the GOLD standard for all tobacconists, and I'll never be able to visit another shop and not be disappointed! Your kindness, customer service, physical location, offerings, ambiance, personal touch, (the list could go on) far excels any other! Just wanted to thank you for all that you do and it makes me appreciate you each time I visit another shop. Thankful for you and looking forward to being home again with the best tobacconist in the world! Many thanks!"

—Stephen L. of Troutville, VA


Customary Excellent Service
"My shipment arrived in two days, as promised. "Our" London Dock [Milan pipe tobacco blend] is better than I remembered it from 2012, much smoother and "buttery." Never had that adjective apply to tobacco before, but it fits here. Having tried iterations by others, yours is quite well-behaved and avoids the chemical taste of the original Middleton London Dock. The Chartwell [Milan pipe tobacco blend] with 5% Perique is excellent, also better than I recalled. Really, really tasty! I'll work my way through the rest and report back. Thanks again for your customary excellent service. "

—Tom B. of Louisville, KY


Pleased & Delighted to Have Found You
"Just to say [my order] arrived already, perfect (hooray!). The Lorenzetti looks an absolute dream (my second one now). I already tried it out, smokes like a dream too! Naturally, I tried your Peaches & Cream [Milan pipe tobacco], so good I could have eaten it. :-) I am so pleased and delighted to have found you and so appreciate your lovely pipes, blends, and kind service. Thank you so very much!"

—Lester M. of Büsserach, Switzerland


Makes a Customer Feel Special
"Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you so very much for the prompt delivery! I greatly appreciate it and I'll be ordering more products from you in the future. I want to especially thank you for the sample blend. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it's incredible! That little thing you did right there should be a lesson for other companies. That's what makes a customer feel special and unique to you. Thanks again!"

—Chuck J. of Fredericksburg, VA


Welcome to My Online Community
"Four days from Roanoke, VA, to my front door [in Oregon]. Love the pipe, service was great, thank you. Welcome to my online community. Pleasure doing business with you."

—Al T. of Waldport, OR


Keep On Keepin' On Milan
"My husband and I started smoking a pipe on our one year anniversary. We wanted something relaxing to do, and we both have a good history with smoking a pipe, so we thought we'd give it another try. After visiting a local store and getting less than satisfactory results, I started my internet search for a great place to buy tobacco! After looking around, I found Milan and, wow, the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. We love the Joe's Blend [Milan's custom blended pipe tobacco], and we love the fact that whenever we call, they know what we purchased, and shipping is so very fast!! Keep on keepin on Milan; we will go nowhere else for our smoking needs!!"

—Edwin and Angie S. of Aldan, PA


Embodies Everything A Retail Entity Should Be
"I've dealt with Renee every time that I have purchased product from Milan. She has always been kind, accommodating, patient, and expedient. Response and delivery times are extremely fast. Milan embodies everything both online and in broader terms that a retail entity should be. I can't help but feel like I'm part of their association. Thanks."

—Steven N. of Butler, PA


The Starbucks of Pipe Tobacco
"I am new to this hobby or should I say ceremony of pipe smoking. It is indeed relaxing. We need all the relaxing we can get! I quickly found the lack of tobacco experts in close range. I love coffee. So, I was looking for the 'Starbucks' of pipe tobacco. I have learned to get the best in these situations. I love strong bold flavors, especially in red wine. After much research, I gave Milan Balkan Blend [custom blended pipe tobacco] a try. When I first opened the bag I knew I had found what I was hoping for. It is delightful. I look forward to a bowl every night at 'calm down time'. I am eager to try other Milan blends. I also agree with others on the exceptional kindness and service. I am in my early 50s. Thank you for helping this new adventure become all I was hoping it would be."

—Mike B. of Madison, WI


The Tobacco is Top Notch
"I have been ordering Butter Berry [custom blended] pipe tobacco for almost a year. I don't order from anyone else. The tobacco is top notch and their customer service is unequaled."

—Orry P. of Casper, WY


So Pleased to Have Found You
"I received my order of Our London Dock [a Milan custom-blended pipe tobacco] last evening and immediately took it to the patio with my favorite old (50+ years) pipe. I found the cut and the moisture content perfect. It packed much like that London Dock of old and burned evenly. As is my custom, I re-lit only once and when finished had very little dottle to knock out. I'm so pleased to have found you...and thanks again for that long, lovely after-dinner pipe. You've a new customer."

—Henry B. of Katy, TX


A Quick Note of Praise
"Just a quick note of praise for Renee and Milan Tobacconists. First, there are a million places to get tobacco on the Internet. So how to choose? Well, my neighbor did some research and found Milan Tobacconists and has been very happy. A couple months ago he recommended the shop to me. Wow, I'm so happy he did. Not sure which pipe tobacco is right for me, I started sampling various pipe tobaccos. Milan Tobacconists has a broad selection which is great! They also ship super fast which is really appreciated. Well, a couple weeks ago I had a small problem with a pipe I bought from Milan Tobacconists. This was my first opportunity to try customer service. Since I only see their Internet presence, my expectations were low. Wow was I pleasantly surprised! Renee is outstanding. All my emails were answered super fast, very professional, and full of lots of good information. Milan Tobacconists has earned a loyal customer!"

—Mark N. of Milwaukee, WI


"I have been a long-distance customer of Milan Tobacconists since 2008. A non-smoker who took up pipe smoking late in life, I was dumb. Renee and David have been super patient, kind, and super helpful in answering every question I have asked, and the Milan staff members, including Kelly and Curtis, have been super courteous and patient. Curt packs every shipment with speedy expertise and exact attention to detail, protecting it. A never-ending high level of appreciation is for the agressive shipping policy. I often receive my product faster than from Amazon, and THAT is saying something! Milan is in short: The BEST! I wish them continued success, health, and every good gift!"

—Jess D. of Bakersfield, CA


Quality All Around
"Shopping on your website is a pleasure. It has crisp photography and good descriptions. I recently ordered the Savoy walnut humidor and was very pleased with your service. The box was well packaged for shipping and arrived in only a few days. An excellent addition to my collection. I've already recommended your site to several friends. Quality all around."

—Dale D. of Charlotte, NC


Friendly Service
"Just wanted to send a quick email to express my appreciation for the friendly service I had today with your store and the gentlemen [Michael] who assisted me. I love the house blends and really love my two new Stefano Santambrogio pipes. Awesome, will be doing more business with you."

—Brandon H. of Wytheville, VA


Thanks for Your Service and Support
"Great service and products. While in Iraq and now Kuwait, I read online about your store. On my next visit in, you assisted me with several pipes and tobacco selections. I have been more than satisfied with your products and pass the information along. Your house blends of Honey Smoke and Sunset Rum tobaccos are outstanding. When I order, I usually get a ship confirmation the next working day. Thanks for your service and support."

—Donald T. of Abu-Halifa, Kuwait


Thanks for Steering Me In the Right Direction
"I took the Casa Magna challenge today as suggested by Renee. I was not disappointed. The Colorado Gran Toro is an excellent cigar. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. You always do! I will definitely be enjoying this one again in the near future. Thank you Renee!"

—Craig L. of Vinton, VA


A Delight to Deal with Your Shop
"I just wanted to take the time and tell you what a delight it was dealing with your shop again. I have ordered from just about every online tobacconist and did not realize what REALLY good customer service was until this past week when speaking with Renee, who took the time to listen to me and not rush me off the phone. I have mentioned your wonderful service and shared my Jefferson Street [Milan custom-blended pipe tobacco] with my pipe club and everyone was very impressed with my experience and that blend! (It’s really that delicious). Even if Milan did not offer my favorite blend I would still order from them because they are the best in the industry! Thanks Milan and Renee. You have a customer for life."

—Jesse D. of Las Vegas, NV


Nothing But Good Things to Say
"I received my latest shipment from Milan yesterday. Thanks to all the folks that helped put it together for me - Curt and Dave who assisted me by phone, and to Kelly who sent an email alert to let me know my favorite tobacco was discontinued by the manufacturer. You've stocked me up before it's gone. The Bjarne pipe is just as it was described/pictured on the site, and Milan's custom-blended Cherry Bon Bon tobacco is already being smoked. Pretty good! Everything was packed well and arrived in good condition thanks to your shipping department. Nothing but good things to say about you folks. Thanks much Milan."

—Tom Z. of Chicago, IL


Best Pipe Tobacco Ever Smoked
"I read the testimonials about Milan's in house tobacco blends, so I ordered Sunset Rum and Black Gold. This is the best pipe tobacco that I have ever smoked! I received the order very quickly and my questions were answered promptly when I placed the order! Great experience; you guys have a new customer. Thanks!"

—Craig W. of Mandeville, LA


These People Are The Ones You Want to Deal With
"A month ago I sent an email asking about a Savinelli line not carried by Milan. Within 24 hrs., I received 3 separate responses from Renee quoting a price and willingness to get the pipe for me, another making me aware that what I was looking for was in their Estate Pipe selection, and a third with an eyes-on inspection of the pipe. I ordered it on Xmas day, and received confirmation on Xmas Day! The pipe is in my hand as we speak 2 days later! Folks, These People Are The Ones You Want To Deal With! Happy New Year."

—Jace L. of Jackson, NJ


Taking a Minute to Gush
"I just wanted to take a minute to gush over Milan Tobacconists and let you know how much I appreciate your kind, knowledgeable staff, as well as your speedy delivery! As a first time customer I can guarantee you that I will definitely use this company again. My husband was very pleased with his new Churchwarden and I was pleasantly surprised that I placed my order on Friday and received my package on Monday. Now that's service! Great job guys!"

—Priscilla McD. of Nashville, AR


Remembrance of Things Past
"I recently bought 2 estate pipes from your website, a Talamona Bent Maigret and a Jonas Design plateau top. I am very happy with both. They both smoke very well and are in great condition, including the stems which I consider very important for appearance. The [Milan custom blended] pipe tobaccos are also great; I like the 1 oz. samplers to try. I am still looking for some Balkan Sobranie Original and Esoterica Penzance to try. I have pipes going back 35 years and had stopped smoking 20 years ago and just began (1-2 daily) in the last month. It's all about Marcel Proust's 'Remembrance of Things Past.' Thank you."

—Dr. Herbert R. of Sarasota, FL


Cream of the Crop
"You all at Milan Tobacco are cream of the crop! Your speed of delivery are second to none. You truly provide premium products at an affordable price. So far I've tried Sportsman, Doctors Orders, Black Gold, Sunset Rum, Midnight, Black Forest & Buddy's Blend [custom blended pipe tobaccos] in your Milan line. They were all great & unique. I plan on being a regular customer for a long time to come! Thanks again!"

—Keith N. of New Albany, MS


Excellent Product, Excellent Service
"Curtis and Kelly, great professional service. The product [cigars] is excellent! I could not be happier that the service is excellent. My hat is off to you. I am always pleased with the shipping and handling in the timely matter that you guys do it in. Thanks again and keep it up. I have passed the word and given your email address to fellow cigar smokers. Semper Fidelis."

—Frank R. of Denver, CO


You'll Be Seeing More of Me
"Just purchased a Don Carlos estate pipe from Milan Tobacconists and it got here quickly and was packed great. Very pleased with the service and the pipe. You'll be seeing more of me. Thank you so much."

—Ron P. of Sinkhole, TX


Keep Up the GREAT Work
"First time buyer. I was looking for a pipe tobacco sampler. I have not smoked a pipe in years, so I wanted to sample. I found Milan Tobacconists and the Milan Pipe Tobacco Sampler: 4 custom-blended aromatics, 2 non-aromatics, and 2 English blends. Great Deal for a Great Price. I ordered them on Tuesday and received them on Friday. Pretty impressed with the products and service; keep up the GREAT work. You will be hearing from me soon."

—Chaplain Robert E. of Providence, RI


Stop By if You're In the Area for Really Good Cigars
"I would like to say that the people at Milan Tobacconists are very pleasant and friendly to deal with. They were very helpful when I started to try cigar smoking. Just starting out, I had no clue what to get. The sales staff was excellent in getting me started with some mild smokes. I think I am more confident in my choices now, and I'm trying different cigars all the time thanks to the staff at Milan Tobacconists. Stop by if you are ever in the area and in need of really good cigars."

—Larry A. of Roanoke, VA


Products and Service Are the Very Best
"I just received my new Nording black grain pipe, two days sooner than I had expected. There are those who say one can't reliably order a pipe online, as it is such a personal item a potential buyer should have the opportunity to see and inspect it prior to purchasing, insinuating disappointment is likely. I must dispute this notion, as I have yet to be disappointed with any of the fine pipes I've ordered through Milan. (And if ever I were, I have no doubt they would work with me and make it right.) The new Nording is exactly what I had hoped for, and even more beautiful than it looked in the photo. The size, shape, and balance are just right. Once again, Milan has succeeded in making a customer very happy. Both the products and service are the very best. Thanks, guys, you know you'll hear from me again."

—Lyndon (Lynn) S. of Shelbyville, KY


Astounded by Milan's Custom Blends
"You all are amazing. I have learned to not stray from your selection in both pipes and tobacco; I praise you to all I meet who enjoy a good smoke and your products and customer service by far deserve it. Your own line of tobacco has no equal from what I have experienced; I recently just purchased some new Milan tobacco after trying some from elsewhere and can't help but be astounded by your quality of tobacco. Thank you again."

—Jonathan S. of Lawrence, KS


Entirely Flawless Experience
"Just received two pipes and some great tobacco from the Milan people, my first transaction with them. As I sit here breaking in my churchwarden, all I can think about is how peaceful I am. Then it dawned on me. The entire experience, including the purchasing process, has been entirely flawless (with the exception of my childish impatience waiting for the package). No wonder I'm feeling that deliciously lazy kind of Huck Finn peace with the world; no angst in purchasing, no buyer's remorse, nothing but contentment. I can't remember the last time I had a flawless transaction and received exactly what I wanted (and hoped for) at the same time. What a great company. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to do some daydreaming."

— Peter F. of Watervliet, NY


Tastes Amazing, Absolutely Fresh
"I would like to thank the knowledgeable staff at Milan. I am new to pipe smoking and they helped me choose a [Milan custom] blend that not only tastes AMAZING, but has a wonderful room note. I have always been leery of ordering online but with their expedited processing and shipping, not only did I get an absolutely fresh product I got it promptly. Milan you have a new customer for life. Thank YOU!!"

— Vincent H. of Phillips, WI


Customer's Satisfaction Always in Mind
"I had been a pipe smoker for about 15 years then lost the enthusiasm for smoking, until recently when my son and son in laws began smoking pipes. I turned over some of my old pipes to my son and decided to buy some new ones. I'm glad I chose Milan! Renee in customer service was outstanding in resolving an issue with one of the pipes. It is good to find a great company which has the customer's satisfaction always in mind. A big thanks also to the folks at Paykoc meershaum for standing behind their product 100%. I will recommend doing business with this fine group of people, and will in the future be doing more business with them myself."

— William B. of Putnam, IL


Thanks for Being There for All of Us
"Milan Tobacconists is the quality, service, and tobacco standard. Excellent product selection for all smoker needs - pipe, cigar, tobacco and accessories. Excellent fair prices and extremely fast shipping. Great personalized customer service. It is like walking down to the corner for your needs when the reality is they are 3000 miles east of me. This is the only place I will shop. Thanks for being there for all of us."

— Monte O. of Vancouver, WA


Freshest Tobacco
"Freshest tobacco I have received with great prices and service. You don't need to go anywhere else when you can get it all here. Thanks Milan Tobacconists. You now have another permanent customer."

—Norman N. of Alpine, TX


Great Service, Quality Tobacco
"Just want to say what great service this company has. Order in my hands in three days and could not be happier with the quality tobacco I received. I will be ordering more in the future.

—Shawn O. of Pingree Grove, IL


"All I can say is awesome! If you get a chance, order. They are the best people I have ever dealt with. I ordered a pound of Triple Crown which is totally awesome! I got a pound of My Mixture 965, again awesome, and a half pound of Centenary, also awesome! In case you have not figured it out, they are awesome to deal with. Shipping is fast and their tobacco blends are just top notch. A little slice of heaven right here in this world!"

—Ken G. of Mill Creek, WV


It's Worth Ordering Cigars from Far Away
"There is a reason why this shop has existed as long as it has. Even from faraway Hungary in Middle-Eastern Europe, it is worth it for me to order from the wonderful people behind Milan Tobacconist. Their care for the customer and the love for their product make this website my No. 1 stop on my sadly-rare cigar shopping occasions. Thank you for your great service and I wish you at least 100 more years for the benefit of the cigar loving people all over the world!"

—Krisztian K. of Budapest, Hungary


Exceeds All Others
"This company exceeds all others. I have made purchases at tobacco shops around the world. Several have been very helpful. However, none have been as outstanding as Milan Tobacconists. In a nutshell, helpful, courteous, and professional staff; and a great supply of products. I have utilized their customer service. This company went out of its way to assist me insofar as contacting the vendor and replacing a one-of-a-kind item for me. Give Milan Tobacconists a telephone call sometime. You'll be pleased you did. These reasons make me a happy and loyal customer."

—Chip F. of Albany, NY


Paragons of Courtesy and Helpfulness
"I did some business with you nearly 10 years ago and was most satisfied both with your tobacco and your service. The intervening decade since my last order is too complicated to explain in an e-mail, but I have renewed my commerce with you this week. I am certainly glad I did; the young lady [Renée] with whom I spoke on Wednesday, and the young gentleman [Michael] with whom I spoke this afternoon were both paragons of courtesy and helpfulness. I began my pipe smoking as a college freshman in 1971; it was a "rite of passage" for guys in those days. And among my favorites was a drugstore blend called Brush Creek. Another favorite was London Dock--LONG before Middleton got their hands on it, and before Lane Ltd. thoroughly bastardized Brush Creek, sometime around 1975. What prompted me to order again was a review of Chartwell on in which an old guy like me said it reminded him of Brush Creek in the late 1960s-early 1970s. In other words, a contemporary. Again, my thanks."

—Tom B. of Crestwood, KY


Awesome Pipe Tobacco
"I just wanted to drop you guys a line and thank you all for the tobacco you sent. Buddy's Blend is an awesome aromatic tobacco, as is Midnight. The tobacco that I received was moist, fresh, and in my mailbox in record time. I also appreciate the note that your people wrote on my bill of sale. It made my experience with all of you a personal one. In conclusion, all of the above mentioned facts, combined with your exceptional prices, lead me to say that you have earned my exclusive business and you will be hearing from me again. I look forward to doing business with you."

—Keith F. of North Richland Hills, TX


You Guys Are the Very Best
"Thanks, you guys are the very best. Your fast shipping, wonderful service and quality tobacco is matched by no other. It is a pleasure to deal with true professionals."

—David G. of Crossville, AL


Keep Up the Good Work
"Just received my second order - very impressed, again! The prices can't be beat and Milan's service is magnificent. Really enjoying my new Erik Nording pipe and the Honey Smoke pipe tobacco is the best I have ever tried. Will be ordering more shortly! Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, guess where I'll be buying all my pipes and tobacco in the future? You guessed it, Milan! Thanks again, James"

—James H. of Waynesboro, MS


Extremely Impressed
"To Renee, Curt, and everyone else employed with you, I love you guys. After just receiving my fourth purchase, I'm once again extremely impressed with the quality of both your service and products. Thank you for providing me such delicious tobacco, so quickly, plentifully, and affordably once more. I hope your business continues to do well for your sake as well as mine."

—Max Y. of Tukwila, WA


Taking the Pipe Plunge
"I just received my first order from Milan, which consisted of my first pipe. As a long time cigar smoker, I've always been interested in pipes but never took the plunge. However, I started considering it after I visited Roanoke last fall and had the pleasure of stumbling into your shop. My local tobacco shops in Florida have a smattering of pipes and pipe supplies, but are primarily geared toward cigar smokers. Your shop with its tremendous pipe selection made an impression on me. Several months later, I bought a corncob pipe here and tried several different varieties of pipe tobacco. Enjoying the experience, I decided to try a briar pipe, and your store immediately came to mind. I just wanted to let you know that I love the pipe and the expediency with which you filled, packed, and shipped my order. Having worked in retail, I know that many comments from customers are negative. I thought I'd let you know that you couldn't have made this customer any happier. Great job. Thanks again, and I look forward to buying from you in the future."

—Michael B. of St. John, FL


Everything You Need and Great Service
"I have been a pipe smoker for over forty years. After quitting for three years sometime back, I got the urge again. I have owned many low and high end pipes and tried dozens of pipe tobaccos. Recently I purchased a quality pipe from Milan and ordered the sample package of eight tobaccos [Milan Pipe Tobacco Sampler]. I am always looking to try new aromas and mixtures. The new pipe is super and trying the new mixtures has been fun. I will be ordering another set of eight samples in the near future along with a mixture that I really liked. Best of all, the service from Milan was great. This is a place to look for your pipe smoking needs."

—Gary R. of Sidney, OH


Struck Gold
"I'm a new pipe smoker who regrets having not started much sooner. I can only buy from the local drugstore and wanted to try good tobacco. I found you fine folks online and ordered your Milan Tobacco Sampler. I placed my order on a Thursday and received my package on Saturday. My palate is not refined, but I don't think it has to be to know that I struck gold. I saw that you sell many fine brands of tobacco according to reviews I've read, but I will never buy anything but Milan's custom blends. Every sample you sent was amazing in its own way. Thank you so very much from Ohio."

—Chuck H. of Wellsville, OH


Thank You Guys for Your Amazing Products
"Just got the delivery of 9 1-ounce packages of Milan pipe tobaccos (all aromatic) about half an hour ago. I decided I'd go ahead and try the Sangria before my fiancé got home, and then we could sample the rest together. We just started our pipe-smoking 'hobby,' but I already know where I'm going to be getting our tobacco from now on. The Sangria had an amazing and smooth flavor, and the scent was wonderful as well. I can't wait to try the other 8! Thank you guys for your amazing products, and I look forward to doing business with you all again soon. Maybe sometime we'll be able to pop over to Virginia to come check things out. :)"

—Jessica W. of Davenport, IA


I Could Not Be Happier
"Hello Milan Tobacconists. Just received my order today - I had to wait 3 WHOLE days (not including Sunday) for my order. Man, you guys give quick service. The pipe and stand I ordered are fantastic. This is my second order with you and I could not be happier. The half pound of Sportsman tobacco is the best! I'm almost sorry you include it in your tobacco sampler. I'm having trouble deciding on never trying any other flavor lol. Again, thanks for your super service and you will be hearing from me again in the future. P.S. Ever considered moving your store to the Phoenix, AZ, area?"

—Brandon M. of Queen Creek, AZ


Like Going to the Tobacconist on the Corner
"I was online looking for a tobacco blend that suited my taste and found Milan Tobacconists. I saw the Sultan's Blend and thought it was what I was looking for, so I went ahead and ordered 8 oz. It arrived very promptly and I dug into it as fast as I could. It's one of the best mixtures I have ever put into my pipe, and the room aroma lingers for hours! I fired a quick email to Renee who answered quite quickly. What a store! It's like going to the tobacconist on the corner and getting the same warm and friendly treatment. I will make Milan my new tobacco shop now!"

—Charles B. of Marquette Heights, IL


"Just wanted to send kudos for a wonderful employee of yours, Kelly Morrison! Kelly has responded to a series of questions from me, and all with speed, professionalism and even humor! I recently purchased a tin of cigarillos and two very nice (to me and my budget) cigars. I became concerned that the cigarillos were becoming dry and flaky already, and did not want that to happen to the more expensive cigars. Kelly offered great tips on how to preserve the two cigars, as well as how to use a cigar punch. I am looking forward, maybe this weekend, to enjoying one of the cigars, and know that with Kelly's help, it will be as fresh as when it arrived. Wish I had asked earlier, and maybe I could have salvaged the cigarillos also, but hindsight is 20/20. I just want you to know how important it is to receive prompt replies from companies; I have sent many emails to [other companies], all with no responses! I am now a long term customer of yours. Thank you all!"

—John R. of Huachuca City, AZ


"Wow! Are we back 50 years ago? What customer service and from Renee - the owner. Boy, do these people know how to do business; I don't even think about shopping anywhere else. Four pipes sent in for new stems after a personal email from Renee confirming that they could take care of my problems. Of course, she asked me to send the pipes to her attention to ensure no mix-up. I got a phone call from Renee asking for my specific choice of stem and giving me a firm date of completion, and then another call telling me that she had shipped my pipes. They were perfect and at a very fair price. My 100% endorsement - and their tobacco is great too."

—Neil K. of Raleigh, NC


Super Service!
"Thank you for the great service. I ordered online one day and received the products the next day. Super service! I am glad that I found Milan Tobacconists online because I was tired of going to the tobacco store in town and finding so many times that the pipe tobacco I liked was out of stock. I really like the pipe I received as well, and will order a couple more soon. I like the nice selection and the quality of the pipes. Thanks again for the great service."

—Ralph M. of Speedwell, VA


Milan's There Just for Me
"I'm stationed in Afghanistan, so you can imagine how hard it is to get good tobacco without waiting forever. I've tried ordering from at least 4 other places. NONE compare to Milan! Milan is the ONLY place I order from and recommend to EVERYONE! As a Marine I have high expectations; Milan has far exceeded them. Quick shipping, great tobacco, and personalized service are just some of the differences. I feel as if they are there just for me at times. MILAN....THANKS and SEMPER FI!"

—Patrick D. of Kabul, Afghanistan Is the Place to Buy Tobacco
" is the place to buy tobacco. I love the fact that you put together your own blends of pipe tobacco and that you sell them by the ounce and in bulk. I have been all over the Internet on different pipe tobacco sites and your prices are great. I can try different tobacco by the ounce and when I find one that reaches out and grabs me, I can buy it in bulk or several ounces at a time. I have found a tobacconist and you have found another lifelong satisfied customer."

—John W. of Wichita Falls, TX


Personalized Care and Fast Shipping
"I just ordered from Milan for the first time, and I was very impressed with the quality of service. Very personalized care and fast shipping. I love my pipe and I ordered a lot of 1 oz. packages of Milan's custom blended tobaccos to try, and they were all nicely individually packed and labeled. Thank you for the great products and service!"

—Jeremy H. of Brighton, MI


Thank You
"Thank you Renee and Michael for the wonderful and friendly service provided me a few months ago. I got quick and professional responses to all my email correspondences. I will continue to do business with the Milan Tobacconists family."

—Chris B. of Baker, LA


A Shout-Out From Texas
"This is for anyone who wants fine tobacco products at fair prices and superb customer service. You've found it here. Too bad about my old tobacco store (read ex-tobacco store)."

—Virgil C. of Cypress, TX


Pleased with First Order
"This was my first order with Milan Tobacconists, but I am very pleased with them. I received the order at my house in 3 days! It was not an easy one either as I ordered a lot of 1 oz samples to try. Also, no out of stocks; the order shipped complete. I have to say that is unique these days. I will be doing business with this company again!"

—Earl S. of Willis, TX


Store Customer Retires and Becomes Online Customer
"I have purchased pipe supplies and tobacco from many places over the years, and Milan by far surpasses them all in my opinion. Fast and friendly customer service and no run-arounds, a large selection to choose from, and the prices are competitive as well. I recently had an order where the tobacco jar I purchased broke and glass got into the bulk tobacco and all through the package, and the order was replaced with no questions asked. The Milan blends are the smoothest and most enjoyable that I have smoked and I have been a pipe smoker for 25+ years. I also enjoy the fact that new custom blends are always added, so the selection is tremendous! I used to stop by the store when I was working and drove through Roanoke all the time. Now that I am retired, I am sure glad of the beautiful website. Thanks for all you do!"

—Keenan F. of Deposit, NY


Great Prices, Fast Service, Friendly Staff
"I've been a cigar smoker for 13 years. I recently bought my first pipe from Milan Tobacconists, a Peterson system pipe. You guys have great prices, fast service, and a friendly staff. This is the first of many many more purchases from your site!"

—Shane L. of Dawsonville, GA


Highly Recommends Milan Tobacconists to Any Pipe or Cigar Smoker
"I have just received my first pipe from Milan Tobacconists, and I have to say that I am 100% impressed and sold. The quickness with which I received my pipe was outstanding, just 3 days from point of order. The care they took in packaging the pipe was perfect; not one thing wrong with it when it arrived at my door step. If I was to rank them with a 5 star system I would have to give them 5 stars! Milan Tobacconist has me as a repeat customer, and I highly recommend them to any pipe or cigar smoker!"

—Chris C. of Harrison, TN


A New Lifetime Customer Enjoys Best Smoke of His Life
"To the Owners: A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Wiley Galleon Sitter "44" from your company. Before I purchased the pipe I called and spoke to Michael. He was extremely helpful. He even got the pipe and gave a very fair and accurate description of the piece. During our conversation, Michael also made some fine recommendations from your store's various custom tobacco blends based on what I told him about my tastes. Michael was downright cordial and is exemplary of the service experiences I have had with Milan Tobacconist. Michael has made a lifetime customer out of me. If I am ever within 100 miles of Roanoke, you can be sure I will be making my way to your shop.

To Michael: Thank you again for the help with the Wiley pipe and the tobacco choices. The pipe is fantastic, best smoke of my life! You were spot on with the Star City. I can't get enough of it. That fruit taste in the Star City, other than peach, you were trying to put a name to eluded me for a while also. The closest I can come to naming it is Kirsch cherry, the pleasantly sour variety from Poland. As far as the Presidential goes, the room was excellent, but I found it a bit light. I may have under-packed it though, and I am going to give it another try. I grabbed some of the Black Forest in the last order as well, and that was super smooth and the vanilla natural tasting and not in any way perfumey. Please give my compliments to the folks doing the B&M work in the shop. I am looking forward to trying more of your shop's work and I don't foresee buying tobacco in a tin anytime soon."

— Justin T. of Bristol, CT


Prompt Service, Excellent Products
"I just want to thank you all for your prompt service and EXCELLENT!! products. I work here in Naples, Italy, and placed two orders on and received both in less than 3-4 days. That is amazing, and you can bet I will be ordering more from you guys. The taste of your custom blended tobacco is as you describe per your website. Thanks again and best regards!"

—Dennis W. of Naples, Italy


Eureka, I Have Found It
"Was it Archimedes who declared 'Eureka, I have found it'? Whoever, but as a pipe smoker, I am pleased to declare that I have found it, and it's your marvelous Milan Sportsman blend. It has all of the outstanding qualities of truly fine and wholly satisfying tobaccos in every way."

—Donald E., PhD Distinguished Professor Emeritus, of Milton, WI


All-Time Favorite Blends Are From Milan Tobacconists
"I've been an online customer of Milan Tobacconists since January '10. Since I became a pipe smoker, I have been looking for some place locally where I could explore my new hobby. I found some places, but their blend varieties were so limited. After looking for nice tobacco shops online, I found and for some reason just felt so confident about trying a first buy. I bought 8 tobacco blends (aromatic and English) in 1 ounce sizes, so I could find my favorite blend to smoke. My first impression of Milan was about the speed of shipping - wow! Then came the adventure of tasting Milan's finest blends. Today, I'm happy to say that my all-time favorite blends are from Milan Tobacconists. I'm so pleased with how smooth it is to do business with them. I hope to keep the nice relationship for lots of years to come, and when I visit Virginia, for sure I will visit the store to meet the nice people that make me happy with their great service and product. Keep up the good work!"

—Ivan B. of Caguas, Puerto Rico


Just a Fantastic Place to Do Business With
"Whenever I get an email announcement from Milan Tobacconists - New Arrivals! - I call my husband Richard in. We pick out his new pipes together, and he is always happy with them. The service is also terrific. I can't believe how fast his orders arrive! Once he changed his mind about an item and returned it. No problem. Milan's customer service is fantastic. They emailed me when they received the returned item, and credited us at once. Just a fantastic place to do business with!"

—Judith D. of Matawan, NJ


Promptness and Professionalism Appreciated
"I just received my pipe in the mail today. I would like to thank you and your staff for helping me with both of my Peterson pipes. I have been dealing with online stores for some time and I am happy to say that your store has been the best in customer service. I appreciate your promptness and professionalism. I can assure you that I will continue to purchase products from your website."

—Chris R. of Miami, FL


Excellent Customer Service Will Keep Me Coming Back
"I placed an online special order with Milan for a Peterson pipe. Unfortunately, the model I wanted in the Killarney series was out of stock at Peterson. I spoke with Dave, and later Renee who located the same pipe shape in the Aran series for me. They are great people to deal with, very courteous and helpful. I have purchased two Peterson pipes from Milan Tobacconists, and their excellent customer service will keep me coming back. Thanks so much..."

—Paul G. of Ellicott City, MD


Staff Makes Me Feel Like a Friend and Neighbor
"Just wanted to drop a note saying how much I love your store. In Toledo, there are very slim pickins when it comes to pipes, so I have to do all my shopping online. And, Milan is without a doubt the best! I have tried many of your pipe tobaccos too, and I just cannot choose between them. Your staff is wonderful! They make you feel like a friend and neighbor. You have earned a faithful customer for life. My only complaint is that you are not in my hometown. Maybe one day I'll actually get a chance to come in. THANK YOU!!!!!!"

—John N. of Toledo, OH


You've Earned a Repeat Customer
"Wow, I'm very impressed with your website and level of service. I ordered 2 Erik Nording pipes and some tobacco on Monday, chose the free shipping option, and had my order in hand on Thursday. Your website is very easy to use, and I greatly appreciate the value your company offers. The same type of pipe at my favorite local shop was much more expensive. Thank you for offering such great products at such reasonable prices. You've earned a repeat customer."

—Aaron A. of Brownsburg, IN


Great Customer Service From Halfway Around the World
"Renée, thank you very much for your time and effort to always reply to my emails. I have experienced firsthand great customer service from half way around the world. You have been very helpful with the products I've purchased. It is wonderful there are still people in this world who care and treat the customer as number one. Great job, Renée! I look forward again to experiencing your excellent service. Cheers."

—Natalio B. of Melbourne, Australia


Warm Treatment and Professional Service
"My wife and I dropped in from Abingdon a few weeks ago. You helped her pick out her first pipe, and you helped me find the perfect Nording. We were very pleasantly surprised when you invited us to join you for coffee and a sampling of your tobaccos, at which time you helped my wife learn some of the finer points of packing and lighting her new pipe. You treated us like old friends. We wanted to express our gratitude for the warm treatment and professional service you gave us. Since then I have ordered two more Nordings from your website (to my wife's great chagrin - but I'm confident she will understand after a few more years of enjoying her pipe). We have been very pleased with our experience with Milan. Again, we thank you."

—Stan and Elizabeth B. of Abingdon, VA


First Choice for All My Smoking Needs
"I am emailing to let you know how much I appreciated the fantastic service I received with my recent order. Before ordering I called you all with a question. I was helped by a friendly person who answered all my questions. This allowed me to order my items with complete confidence that I was getting what I wanted! I ordered my Eric Nording Freehand Signature Pipe and a tin of Mac Baren Black Ambrosia late on a Tuesday night. I selected the free shipping and, to my surprise, my items arrived on Friday morning! With fantastic services like this and outstanding pricing, Milan Tobacconists will always be my first choice for all my smoking needs."

—Brad N. of Indianapolis, IN


Great Prices and Excellent Customer Service
"On Monday, I placed an order for a pipe stand, some Devil's Holiday tobacco, and pipe cleaners. A very short three days later, my order arrived in California, safe and sound. This is my second order with Milan Tobacconists, and I expect that I will order more from you in the future. Just wanted to say thanks for the great prices and the excellent customer service."

—Tom M. of Bakersfield, CA


Milan's Custom Blended Pipe Tobacco a Big Hit with Big Brother
"I have an older brother who has smoked a pipe for years, but never had a good pipe to his name, so one day I was on the Internet and started looking at pipes. I ran across your web site and found a pipe I thought he would like. He was thrilled when I gave it to him for his birthday. He had tried to buy his tobacco from a shop here in town, but every time he did it was different. He finally gave up and put the pipe away. Well, I came back to your site and saw your sample packs of tobacco, so I ordered a few for him to try. He liked a lot of them, but I still wanted to find something he really could stick to, so I kept searching until I found two that he really smokes the heck out of - Poochie's Blend and Pure Pleasure. Now I order him a half pound of each about every other month. You have been great, and I hope someday to see your store and have a look around and also meet some of the great people working there. Thanks again."

—Darrell D. of Urbana, IL


Quality Pipe Tobacco and a Lot of Variety
"I've been looking around for a good place with quality pipe tobacco and a lot of variety. I found it here. Your website is very user-friendly and any time I've sent in a question, you've gotten back to me within 24-48 hours. Never had that happen before! Outstanding!"

—Michael W. of Corona, CA


65-Mile Journey Worth the Drive
"Approximately 2 years ago, I decided to take up pipe smoking again after nearly a 10-year lapse when the tobacconist I used in Northern New York died and the shop closed. I was never satisfied with a blend of pipe tobacco after that, but I kept a few of my nicer pipes thinking someday I would stumble onto a blend that I would like. I tried many different packaged blends, some mail order blends, and a few different custom blends from various tobacco shops, but nothing satisfied my taste buds.

A little over a year ago I noticed a coworker smoking a pipe while waiting for his train to come into the terminal and I inquired about his blend of tobacco. He told me the name of his blend (Milan's Honey Smoke), gave me a few ounces to try (I liked it), and gave me directions to Milan's tobacco shop in Roanoke, VA. Prior to visiting the store, I went online to see if Milan had a website and was amazed at the number of different blends they had available there. Surely I would fine something here. How right I was! Poochie ran a few aromatics under my nose, even cleaned a pipe I brought with me to sample a blend or two with, and introduced me to a sample of Sunset Rum. I liked it so much and was so impressed with the service, I not only purchased the tobacco, I bought a new Savinelli to smoke Sunset Rum in.

Poochie has given me many samples of pipe tobaccos during return visits to Milan, and I have yet to find one that I didn't like. Naturally I like some tobaccos better than others, but every tobacco that I have sampled, has been good! Never have I been so impressed with a tobacconist or a tobacco store! Great Tobacco, Great Service, Reasonable Prices & Friendly People! What more can you ask of a store? Thanks again Milan. You make my 65-mile journey to your fine store worth the drive every time!"

—Andrew C. of Gretna, VA


So Helpful and Friendly
"Wonderful! You have been a great help. I'm sure that I shall be back with you for more bits and pieces in due course. I have not come across anyone so helpful and friendly over the Internet before. All the best."

—Geoff S. of Cumbria, United Kingdom


Welcoming Atmosphere
"My fiancé and I visited your store this past weekend. We are from Greensboro and I fell in love with your store. I will be visiting Roanoke more frequently now that I have found you guys. We bought one of your leather tobacco travel pouches, which I really like. Thanks a lot for your help and welcoming atmosphere."

—Gary C. of Greensboro, NC


Exquisite Pipe Tobacco Blends
"Two days ago I received my first order which included several of your exquisite pipe tobacco blends and a beautiful pipe that I will keep as a backup to my regulars. Let me start by telling you that you run one FIRST class business! Your blends are genuine! We have been smoking all day. 'We,' as in I had to call some family and friends over after sampling your stuff. Well, they arrived and we smoked everything! They went nuts just as I did over the pure aromatics in your tobacco blends. You are truly a fine tobacconist!!! This will be just the first of my orders to you now that we have to huddle together and peruse your site to find out what we want to do next."

—Victor V. of Corona, CA


Putting Customers First
"I really, really appreciate the time you took to measure these [Savinelli pipes] for me. Not many companies would do this anymore. Shows you guys are putting your customers first. Very superb! Many thanks again, and do look for my purchase shortly."

—Dave D. of Yuba City, CA


Old Fashioned Customer Service
"Two weeks ago, I read about Milan on the Internet. All these years in Lynchburg, VA, and I never knew about it. I just recently resumed pipe smoking on a limited basis, so I thought I'd visit. Everyone was extremely friendly, the atmosphere was comfortable and inviting, and the store was very well ventilated. They let me try some samples, and entertained my curiosity over the wide variety of unique briar and meerschaum pipes. But that's not all. I did additional research in the past week, and had my eye more intently on the Savinellli Clark's Favorite after hearing and reading so many positive reviews. Today was a day to relax and take another trip to Roanoke, and the pipe was on sale at a price 30% better than anywhere else. Unfortunately, when I called and asked Renée what time they closed, it was in the next 30 minutes. She offered to take my payment over the phone, then hung around until I got there to give me the product. This business is a throwback to the days of old fashioned customer service. It's a great shop with great people, great products, and great prices."

—Tom W. of Lynchburg, VA


Saturday Morning Visits a Welcome Ritual
"I moved from NYC to the Roanoke Valley in 1987. It wasn't long after that I discovered your great little cigar shop. Joe Milan greeted me with that huge smile of his. Right away, I felt like I was home and everyone in the store made me feel like family. Even though ownership has changed hands over the years, that feeling of belonging has not changed. Saturday morning visits became a welcome ritual of mine. I walk in and I am greeted with a warm smile and a hot mug of that delicious coffee. I grab a few of my favorite stogies and David is always gracious in showing some of his new cigar arrivals that I may enjoy. Hanging out with the regular gang is terrific and there are always new folks coming in to share a story or two. Even though I will miss the old store, the new store is a wonderful place. You have some great ideas that are all customer friendly, so I can hardly wait to see your dream come to fruition. Sadly, I am moving to Lynchburg soon, but I know whenever I get back to the Roanoke Valley, you can count on a visit from me to keep in touch and share a smoke or two. Milan Tobacconists has been a big part of my life in Virginia and I will always be grateful for your warmth and kindness, something that is missing from the other cigar shops I have visited in my travels. I wish you well and will see you again very soon."

— Ed G. of Bedford, VA


Orders Processed Quickly
"I really appreciate the speedy delivery. Great cigars!"

—Matt S. of Gothenburg, NE


Thank You for Keeping Milan So "Roanoke"
"Twenty some years ago, I was a member of Cave Spring Rescue Squad with Ron Milan, a relative of the Milan family. My best friend and I got into because my Dad smoked a pipe and Tom just because he liked the aroma. We loved going to Milan Tobacconists and soon were visiting about once a week. We each had catalogs and tried many different Milan tobacco blends. After college, I went into the officer ranks of the Navy and backed off on the pipe. I often would be out at sea, thinking of Roanoke and how much I missed it. The thought of Milan Tobacconists was always in those memories because that WAS Roanoke. I now live in Johnson City, TN, much to my dismay (my wife is from here...she won), but with a new position as a sales manager for a company with two outlets in Roanoke, I find myself in Roanoke every week. I like to say that Mondays are my favorite day because that's the day I arrive in Roanoke. I stay with my parents down at the lake and it's like a mini vacation every week! Anyway, I found a very old Milan catalog in some papers of mine at my parents one night, along with my old pipe collection, and got the urge. I ended up in your store Tuesday afternoon. After spending well over an hour the night before on your site, I decided to buy a pouch of Star City Delight. I walked in and was warmly greeted by who I think was David Meyer. I really appreciate good customer service as I have been teaching it for over ten years. He treated me like he truly appreciated me coming in. I'll have to admit that I was a little reluctant returning after reading the website and finding that the Milan brothers were no longer the owners, but I decided to give it a try. The smell when I walked in brought the memories flooding back. The genuine feeling of being welcome and feeling I was among friends again will keep me coming back. Thank you for keeping Milan so "Roanoke" and thank you for the great service."

—David I. of Johnson City, TN


Treating Customers as Friends
"As a longtime customer, it is a pleasure to congratulate you on your new facilities. I also should like to take the opportunity to commend Renée who treats customers as friends, knows their interests, and provides extraordinary service. You are indeed fortunate to have such an employee. Best wishes for continued success."

—Harvey E. of Dallas, TX


A Milan Customer for Over 30 Years
"I have been a Milan customer for over 30 years. I first discovered the store in 1976 when I was a Navy recruiter in Roanoke. I had smoked a pipe and cigars since my teens, but Joe, Ellis, and Herbert Milan introduced me to custom blended tobacco, hand rolled cigars, and upscale pipes. I still remember the look of horror on Joe's face when I told him I smoked Amphora in Kaywoodie pipes! He quickly led me to the pipe section of the store and hooked me up with a nice pipe and Rovada tobacco. Over the years I bought more pipes. I now own 29 pipes, 18 of which were purchased from Milan Brothers. Over the years, Joe sent me tobacco at FPO addresses and shore stations until I retired from the Navy. I remember getting 5 pounds of Black Gold in a Dingo boot box, in plastic bags, and scaring my Executive Officer to death when I showed it to him, until I showed him the label in each bag saying it was pipe tobacco and not 'something else.' Rickover's zero tolerance program was no joke!"

—Mike B. of Dixon, IL


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