Milan Tobacconists Offers Pipes by Mauro Armellini, Brigham, La Rocca, Lorenzetti, FeRo, Mastro Beraldi, Nording, Peterson, Bjarne Nielsen, Meerschaum, Radice, Rossi, Stefano Santambrogio, Savinelli, and Wiley plus Estate Pipes
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Milan Tobacconists offers a wide selection of fine pipes for the discerning smoker at reasonable prices. Only our most popular brands are listed here. If you are unable to easily locate a particular tobacco pipe, please give us a call at 877.70MILAN or send an email to We'll do our best to make a match!

  • Mauro Armellini Pipes
    After spending fifteen years making beautiful tobacco pipes for other companies like Savinelli, Mauro Armellini decided to open his own shop in 1959 in the small town of Barasso in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. Shortly thereafter, he met by chance an American wholesaler who fell in love with Mauro's Italian handmade masterpieces and decided to distribute the pipes all over the world.
Mauro Armellini Pipes
  • Brigham Pipes
    Roy Brigham began his journey in 1906 by opening a pipe repair shop in Toronto that met with great success, which afforded him the opportunity to make his own pipes. The family business grew quickly as Brigham's reputation for high quality workmanship and value spread. Today, Brigham is known for remarkably affordable pipes made with high quality briar and a unique smoking experience only Brigham can offer with its patented Rock Maple Distillator insert, which assists pipe smokers in avoiding "tongue bite."
Brigham Algonquin and Heritage Series Briar Pipes
  • Budget Mini-Churchwarden Pipes
    Churchwarden pipes generally offer a cooler smoking experience, and these Italian-made briar mini-churchwarden pipes are no exception. These machine-made pipes fall into the basket/budget pipe category and are great for the beginner or those wanting to test drive a churchwarden before making a significant investment. The mini-churchwardens are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes.
Italian Mini-Churchwarden Briar Budget Pipes
  • Coronado Pipes
    Coronado briar pipes are machine-made, fall under the basket or budget pipe category, and are available in a variety of shapes and finishes. They serve as very affordable starter pipes for the novice smoker, someone who is just testing the waters to see if pipe smoking is something they might enjoy, or as a dashboard pipe.
Coronado Briar Basket Pipes
  • Custom Cobs by CJ
    Legend has it that our brother ~ artist and musician CJ ~ entered this world with a paint brush in one hand and a drum stick in the other. He did view everything as a blank canvas or a drum set [including our heads] for as long as we can remember, so it's hard to dispute the claims. When we started offering Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes at Milan Tobacconists, CJ saw an expanse of blank canvases, had an idea, and Custom Cobs by CJ was created.
Custom Corn Cob Pipes by CJ
  • Karl Erik Pipes
    Karl Erik freehand pipes are made using the briar's grain to determine the ultimate shape of each piece with the end goal of creating pipes that are attractive, of a nice smoking quality, and affordable to the everyday pipe smoker.
Karl Erik Freehand Briar Pipes
  • Estate Pipes ALL 20% OFF!
    Estate pipes by GBD, W.O. Larsen, Velani, Wenhall, Ascorti, Boswell, Bari, Bjarne, Ben Wade, Stanwell, Richard Carleton Hacker, Savinelli, and others can be found here! The majority of our estate pipes have been presmoked, but all are fully reconditioned. We do offer unsmoked pipes in our estate pipe collection from time to time and they are identified as such.
Estate Pipes for Sale
  • Fe.Ro Pipes
    Fe.Ro briar and olive wood pipes are produced at the Figli di Federico Rovera pipe factory in Varese, Italy, northwest of Milan. The company was established in 1949 by Federico Rovera with the help of his sons and is the second largest pipe manufacturer in Italy. The family-owned business produces pipe brands for well known names in the trade throughout Europe. However, pipes imported to the USA carry their own brand name, Fe.Ro, an acronym of the founder's name.
FeRo Pipes
  • La Rocca Pipes ALL PIPE SERIES 40% OFF!
    Since the late 1800s, this third generation Italian pipe making family has been carving excellent quality pipes at very reasonable prices. Milan Tobacconists is pleased to offer La Rocca pipes in many different finishes.
La Rocca Italian Pipes
  • Lorenzetti Pipes
    The Lorenzetti Pipe family business was founded in 1934 by Ote llo Lorenzetti in the Italian province of Macerata with nothing more than a few rented tools and his own skilled hands. Otello, wife Marinella, and their children Luciano, Gabriella, and Alessandro grew the business into the successful company it is today through the acquisition of quality briar, the family's great attention to detail, and a collective passion for the art of pipe making. Lorenzetti Pipe is still located in Macerata and currently managed by Alessandro, Otello and Marinella's youngest offspring.
Lorenzetti Italian Pipes
  • Mastro Beraldi Pipes
    Since the 1970's, Mastro Beraldi pipes have been handcrafted in Rome by Aldo Pierluigi and, more recently, his son Andrea using the techniques and tools of true pipe-making artisans. Made from high grade, select Italian briar that is carefully aged, Mastro Beraldi pipes are beautifully turned entirely by hand, not fraised using templates, and finished with ecologically-friendly watercolor stains.
Mastro Beraldi Pipes
  • Mastro Geppetto Pipes
    Mastro Geppetto briar pipes were created by Giancarlo Guidi as an affordable alternative to his wonderful Ser Jacopo pipes. These handsome briars are available in 4 finishes ~ all handmade by Ser Jacopo's craftsmen using carefully aged Extra Extra (XX) grade Italian briar and hand cut stems inlaid with Geppetto's sterling silver silhouette of Pinocchio.
Mastro Geppetto Briar Pipes


  • Meerschaum Pipes 
    Considered by pipe smokers as the perfect material for a cool, dry smoke, the pipe itself is a natural filter that absorbs tar. Our meerschaum pipes are individually hand-carved from block meerschaum, not pressed meerschaum. Due to the delicate nature of these pipes, each is shipped in a custom-made hard protective case with a velvet lined interior.
Meerschaum Block Pipes
  • Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes
    Missouri Meerschaum has been producing the Rolls-Royces of corn cob pipes from its Washington, Missouri, facilities since 1869. It is said that the origin of these cool smoking, sweet-smelling cobs began with a local farmer who whittled a pipe out of one and enjoyed it so much he asked his neighbor and soon-to-be Missouri Meerschaum founder Henry Tibbe to make more in his small woodworking shop. The rest is history.
Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes
  • Molina Pipes ALL ROMA PIPES 30% OFF!
    Based in Barasso, Italy, the Molina Group is all that remains of the ancient and quite famous international pipe company Rossi Pipes, which reached its pinnacle in the early 1900s. Although the Molina Group is born from the past, it is a very forward-thinking pipe manufacturer that engages in thoughtful research and innovation, producing unique pieces well recognized for their high quality.
Molina Pipes
  • Moonshine Pipe Company Pipes 
    Since 2013, Moonshine Pipe Company's high quality, affordable briar pipes have been expertly crafted here in the wonderful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia by local artisans using only the finest briar - without the exorbitant price tag.
Moonshine Pipe Company Pipes
  • Bjarne Nielsen Pipes ALL PIPE SERIES 35% OFF FOR THE HOLIDAYS!
    Bjarne Nielsen had a keen eye for quality workmanship and became a prominent distributor of his own brands of Danish pipes until his passing in 2008. A close friend of the Nielsen family and exclusive distributor of Bjarne Nielsen pipes shared with us that the Danish pipes presented here have smoking qualities that surpass their aesthetics, and that's saying something.
Bjarne Nielsen Pipes
  • Erik Nording Pipes
    Erik Nording is Denmark's number one pipe master, one of the world's premier pipe carvers and Danish pioneers to introduce the Danish Freehand style. Nording's sweeping, natural lines and finishes contrast with the rigidly uniform, “man-made” look of conventional pipes.
Erik Nording Freehand Pipes
  • Peterson Pipes ALL KINSALE & SHANNON PIPES 40% OFF!
    Charles Peterson, founder of Peterson of Dublin, developed the Peterson Patent System - a graduated bore in the mouthpiece helps to collect tar and moisture in a reservoir and away from the bowl of the pipe. Traditional tools and methods of manufacture contribute to the individuality and unique characteristics of the Peterson Pipe.
Peterson of Dublin Pipes
  • Radice Pipes
    After spending most of his life making pipes for others, Luigi Radice created his own brand "Pipa Radice" in 1980. Today, Luigi and his sons Gianluca and Marzio create beautiful handmade pipes with a perfect mixture of functionality and creativity in their Cucciago, Italy, workshop.
Luigi Radice Handmade Pipes
  • Rossi Pipes by Savinelli
    Fabbrica di Pipe di Radica Rossi was founded in 1886 in Barasso, Italy, by Ferdinando Rossi and was considered to be the world's largest manufacturer of tobacco pipes in the early 1900's. Savinelli revived the Rossi brand due in part to a longstanding friendship between Ferdinando Rossi and Achille Savinelli, and has created numerous affordable, no-frills Rossi-branded pipe series manufactured with the quality you expect from Savinelli.
Rossi Lucca and Sitting Series Briar Pipes
  • Stefano Santambrogio Pipes SELECT PIPES OVER 40% OFF!
    Stefano Santambrogio is an Italian pipe maker who produces classic, clean, harmonious and well-balanced handmade pipes with wonderful smoking qualities. With a heightened sense of esthetics and a skillful hand, Stefano makes pipes that reflect the tradition, experience, and pride of three generations of pipe makers.
Stefano Santambrogio Handmade Italian Pipes
  • Savinelli Pipes
    Savinelli pipes are made from only the finest grade of Sardinian and Corsican briar. The brand encompasses a complete line of pipes from the economical to the elegant.
Savinelli Italian Made Pipes
  • Randy Wiley NEW SELECTION
    American pipe carver Randy Wiley has been successfully making moderately priced to higher-end freehand pipes for over 25 years, creating all of his stunning artistry from Plateau or Ebascean Grecian briar.
Randy Wiley Handmade Pipes

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